Posted by: AgingChild | November 27, 2016

The Missing Years

Catching Up, and Moving Onward

First Sunday of Advent (November 27, for the Gregorian secular), 2016:

I’ve blown the dust off this old blog and am pulling it back out onto the road. It’s been mostly dormant since early 2009, but it’s surprisingly roadworthy still; ditto the driver. I’m planning to transplant the engine and transmission and seats into a Blogger site, at some not-distant point. (For one thing, the formatting there is loads easier – plus fewer ads and fewer hands out.)

Life’s been busy, demanding, rewarding… and no-less-so now, today. The world and my little corner of it have changed tremendously, and I’ll be filling in some of the 2009-2016 blank areas of the map with backdated content. Pretty much anything here from early 2009 to late November of 2016 is backfill… or filler – or landfill.

On we go – and welcome back, my two readers! Still on board? Hello? Hello?


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