Posted by: AgingChild | January 27, 2017

Update: Now Up to Date!

Good evening, reader(s?): as of almost 11:00 PM in my local time zone, January 27, 2017, I’ve finished moving all of my old WordPress blog posts to their new, more-easily-formatted home at BlogSpot… and am ready to start posting in real time… heh; all in good time.

“In good time” indeed – my first posting at WordPress was ten years ago tomorrow!

It wasn’t a mere superficial exercise in vanity; reading and reformatting each posting – was a worthwhile effort for me, because I was able to view the inner Aging Child… at an earlier age. And I remet old friends I haven’t seen or even heard from in years, and even had a good strong look at who I myself was, back then.

Here’s a posting I put up at BlogSpot a couple days ago:

Real Time… Coming Up!

Among plenty of other things I’ve been doing, these last few weeks, has been the transferal of my blog from its old site at WordPress to its new host here at BlogSpot – mostly to give me the kind of text formatting WordPress no longer provides, and which I have to have – you know I’m very visual, and need to be able to switch fonts and text colors (even sizes) in mid-posting.

There’s no handy tool or app that would let me bulk-move the whole thing, as I explained a couple months ago. So I’ve had to transfer each old posting, one at a time. But… this has allowed me to catch and correct ancient typos that had slipped by, various other errata, and to update hyperlinks (which I’ve done only in some instances… come on, guys – a lot of it is… old stuff!! )

As of this evening, I’ve relocated and spruced up two-hundred old postings, leaving just fifty-some more, and then the job is done, done-done-done dunnnn.

As I expected, I also found plenty of loose ends (besides dead links), and sketches of postings I’d hoped to write up and get out there… all those years ago. Some I may still do; we’ll see. In the meantime, it’s back to work – another week or two should do it; whew!

After that, yes, there’ll be back-and-fill even while I move forward. Most of that I’ll drop in, when I do, simply as background – stage props to strengthen the context and depth of what’s here and now… and where we’re headed.

Till then… ciao!

Heh; I certainly overestimated how long it would take me to get fifty-some blog postings… re-blogposted: just two days; not bad!

And of course I’ve changed, since 2008-or-so… less the occasional cliché and all, such as that one. If any – i.e., either – of my old readers wanders back here, and somehow finds the interest to visit the Empty Tomb’s new home, they may well see some of those changes. That’s not why I’ll write, or even what I’ll write. And I’ll be doing some recapping, I suppose… but I’d like to keep eyes more forward now.

This will likely be my next-to-last WordPress posting; I’m just next door, so stop on by if you’re still bored.


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