About MT2mb

…because the Tomb was empty…  Just me here, folks — nothing spectacular. No showing off, no big ego-trips (although I may take the occasional ego-jaunt); just thought, faith, idea, reflection, comment. I’m not limiting myself to issues of faith here, but likewise I’m not merely ranting, raving, recounting… with my back turned to Faith.   MT2mb is “empty tomb” — meaning, of course, that my — our — eternal hope rests in God’s compassion, Jesus’s victory over death, and the Holy Spirit as a patient and determined advocate.   “Aging child” because that’s what I am. Not too long ago, the local NPR station carried a weekend program titled “Songs for Aging Children”; I found I liked much of their selections, and had already embraced the idea of never really growing up (plus, Jesus says it’s okay).   And… in my very last emails from my dad (RIP), he was practically begging me not to use the name “Aging Child” as part of my (then-) email address, since that was a name he’d enjoyed being called by my no-holds-barred brother. So I assured him I would drop that address, and gave him a different address I’d been using occasionally. And said goodbye to him forever a week or two later. And kept the address.  PS: my brother responded to my question with: “No, what I called him was an overage delinquent.”



  1. Hello AC:

    I hope the Aging Child’s doing well. I have bronchitis, again, (Point 1 – you’ll understand), & as I cleaned out my wallet, I found your website address on a sticky note . . . so here I is.

    You write well, y’know. Oughta do more of it. And because I’ve heard you speak, I smile as I read your words, particularly the well-imbedded tongue-in-cheek pieces — your literary voice sounds so much like your spoken one.

    All the best. Keep in touch — Linda

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