The Missing Years

Catching Up, and Moving Onward

First Sunday of Advent (November 27, for the Gregorian secular), 2016:

I’ve blown the dust off this old blog and am pulling it back out on the road. It’s been mostly dormant since early 2009, but it’s surprisingly roadworthy still. I’m planning to transplant the engine and transmission and seats into a Blogger site, at some not-distant point. (For one thing, the formatting is loads easier.)

Life’s been busy, demanding, rewarding… and no-less-so now, today. The world and my little corner of it have changed tremendously, and I’ll be filling in some of the 2009-2016 blank areas of the map with backdated content. Pretty much anything here from early 2009 to late November of 2016 is backfill… or filler – or landfill.

On we go – and welcome back, my two readers! Still on board? Hello? Hello?

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